Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Smart Box & GeoPortal provides custom IoT solutions on LoRaWAN through professional services to meet the specific needs of companies and organizations.

  • Outdoor noise monitoring
  • Geotracking of assets
  • Monitoring of gas leaks
  • Measurement of gas consumption
  • Petrol tank monitoring
  • Plant water stress monitoring
  • Control of security fog system
  • Water quality monitoring
  • and much more

Why Monitoring Outdoor Noise

Noise pollution is a rampant problem not only for residents in urban areas but also for field workers dealing with heavy machinery on sites. Noise levels frequently exceed limits set by international guidelines and local laws. In addition to the negative impact on social harmony, the undesired effects on health include disturbed sleep, hearing loss, and cognitive disorders.

Smart Box & GeoPortal has spearheaded noise monitoring in the city of Panama thanks to its existing LoRaWAN infrastructure as the backbone to deploy noise monitoring sensors throughout the city.

This approach is the technology response to legislative bill 171 targeting the protection of the population in Panama City from excessive noise levels.

Solar energy powered noise sensor and portal

How LoRaWAN Facilitates Geotracking

Location data is arguably the single most important value-add in the IoT revolution currently underway. Geotracking has been so far based on GSM (cellular network) and GPS for only the most expensive assets.

Thanks to the LoRaWAN connectivity and multi-technology LoRaWAN enabled trackers, a whole new slew of cost-effective geotracking applications is now possible in areas not covered by cellular networks and for assets not fit for power-hungry GPS devices.

Smart Box & GeoPortal is currently deploying a LoRaWAN network in remote rural areas of Panama for tracking livestock where traditional GSM/GPS technology is impossible or at prohibitive costs.

Multi-technology LoRaWAN tracker and portal with mapping

Smart Building with LoRaWAN

The benefits of IoT in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings are numerous for the efficient and economical use of resources such as water pumps, electrical appliances, fire panels, lighting, etc.

Nevertheless, the issue of connectivity is often a challenge due to the often unreliable wifi and cost-prohibitive cellular network. That is why LoRaWAN is the connectivity technology that addresses many of the shortcomings of the aforementioned networking options.

Leveraging its LoRaWAN coverage throughout the city, Smart Box & GeoPortal has connected many buildings with sensors in Panama City. The applications range from indoor air quality monitoring, fire panel control, electricity monitoring, people counting to fog cannon control.

Portal for Smart Building applications

HVAC Systems with LoRaWAN

HVAC performance is critical – and costly – for commercial buildings. The operation cost of HVAC systems is more than one-third of total operation costs. HVAC systems typically represent over 50% of buildings’ energy efficiency improvement potential. Improvement in the operation of these systems has a significant impact on cost reduction and extends their lifetime.

The complexity of modern HVAC systems leads to device misconfigurations in the majority of buildings, which often remain unnoticed for extended periods of time, if detected at all. Fault detection methods can overlook anomalies, leaving operators unaware of inefficiencies and impending equipment failures.

The HVAC remote monitoring system offered by Smart Box & GeoPortal finds deviations from correct operations and detects anomalies before they cause major problems. Critical electrical, vibration, temperature, and humidity parameters are measured and displayed on our portal with alerts sent to operators if abnormalities are detected. Alternatively, telemetry data can be integrated into existing monitoring and control software.  

There are numerous benefits to installing a remote HVAC monitoring system

  • Improved equipment performance and reliability
  • Reduced unplanned downtime and catastrophic failures
  • Increased efficiency leading to less electricity consumption
  • Optimization of maintenance resources
  • Increased occupant comfort
  • Reduced equipment ownership cost
Vibration sensor for a cooling tower with visualization on the portal

Schedule an appointment with one of our experts for analyzing your HVAC system and recommend the best solution.

Gas Leak Detection for Residential Buildings


Due to gas leaks undetected by the lack of alarms in apartment buildings, there is an increased risk of explosions that can result in serious human injuries and infrastructure damage.

Even after the explosion occurs, there is an increased risk of fires spreading over large areas due to the gas supply not shutting off automatically and immediately. 


Our monitors detect gas leaks on each floor of the building and produce an audible alarm.

At the same time, an alert is triggered notifying by email and/or Telegram the administration and the owners of each apartment, indicating on which floor the alarm has occurred. Similarly, there is the option of sending alerts to firefighters.

A valve controlled by the system switches on and off the supply from the central gas tank. 


  • Protection from disastrous accidents, saving lives, and reducing material damage
  • Peace of mind to homeowners as well as building managers
  • For greater security, more gas monitors can be added by installing them in the kitchen of each apartment
  • The system can be easily extended with other monitors such as fire, air quality, humidity, and other alarms

Smart Water for Public Utility


More than 1/3 of the world ́s drinking water supply is lost (non-revenue water) before it ever reaches consumers. That percentage is even higher in many developing countries.

The main causes of the loss are leakage, pipeline burst, water theft, illegal connections, maintenance problems, and water meter inaccuracies.   


We offer an AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solution on LoRaWAN.

AMI is the latest data collection method to provide remote access to consumption, availability, and quality of water. 

IoT solution for Smart Water on LoRaWAN


  • Cost reduction of providing water
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Improved field crew safety
  • Enhanced customer relationship
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Extensibility to new cases

Occupancy Control and Toilet Usage Management


As shopping malls, supermarkets, offices and workplaces are progressively reopening with the easing of the lockdown, it is necessary to monitor the flow of people entering and leaving the facilities in real-time. People counting is key in keeping your customers and staff safe as well as in respecting safety guidelines established by the government. 

Note that our solution tracks the flow of people in a totally anonymous way respecting privacy. 


People are counted anonymously and in real-time as they enter and leave the entrances of the buildings of the facility. The toilets are included as they are often the most visited areas in a building.

Occupancy and traffic information is shown in real-time on displays indicating that it is safe to enter the facility and on the customized occupancy dashboard. Emails, and/or Telegram notifications are sent when visitor traffic thresholds are being breached.

IoT solution for Occupancy Control and Toilet Usage Management on LoRaWAN


  • Safer environment for customers and staff by monitoring indoor occupancy
  • Staff optimization following the number of visitors and their needs within your facility during peak hours
  • Savings in maintenance costs
  • Better hygiene by switching from fixed scheduled to demand-based cleaning of toilets
  • Improved customer satisfaction and employee wellbeing
  • More sensors can easily be added

Plant Water Stress Monitoring


The temperature of a plant’s canopy provides vital information on the water stress and health of the plant. Plants that have access to sufficient water show a significant difference between canopy temperature and air temperature.  Currently, environmental organizations rely on their scientific staff to carry out manual measurements resulting in many hours of skilled staff being spent on mundane tasks. Farmers do not know if they apply the correct irrigation for their crops.


Farmers and scientific staff have access from their desks to the crop and vegetation metrics coming from IR (infrared) leaf temperature sensors and air temperature sensors.

IoT solution for Indoor Plant Water Stress Monitoring on LoRaWAN


  • More frequent and accurate measurements
  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Largest harvest
  • Better quality crops
  • More efficient irrigation resulting in cost savings
  • More sensors can easily be added